About  me

Professional Dominatrix with 14 years’ experience. I accept sessions via Femdom club Sweet Devil mainly in Tokyo, Japan and I also often travel to different parts of Japan and occasionally to other countries - US, Europe and Asia.

As a professional dominatrix, I’ve had a wide range of the sessions with a thousand clients and subs here in Japan, but also those from other countries which I always enjoy.


I'm an elegant, sophisticated Japanse woman, born in Tokyo, Japan and spent my junior high school and high school time in Europe for 7 years, where I naturally developed a global sensibility and knowledge.


I liked to see the boy suffering under me when I rode on his chest in my elementary  school and enjoyed abusing and humiliating the boys verbally in junior high school. 

Some boys kept give me morning greetings for a while after I got mad furiously with them in my high school and had a obedient slave in my uni period without realizing it myself!


I’m 100% pure Japanese sadistic and dominant woman with some European spices ;-) who loves BDSM and FemDom deeply.

Trust me, tell me about yourself, your experience, fetish, fantasy and fear.

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